Thursday, October 11, 2007

Everything Comes To Those Who Wait

Now I know why I don't participate in swaps. Guess what I spent the day doing? Not knitting, I can tell you that.

I had planned to make it to Nana's 2nd Anniversary Sale. I didn't do that either.

While Meg's Sea Silk still isn't in (Vicki will call Fleece Artist today, I hope to have word tomorrow), it's gotten to the point where I just can't hold back the rest of the prizes. Or the cake.

Let it be known that I have managed to haul my apparently semi-agoraphobic self out to someplace other than a yarn store. These went out UPS this afternoon.

Speaking of cake, if either Brandy or Bobbi want theirs, they need to let me know where to send it. (Email me. It's there. In the sidebar.) Soon. I'm on a roll here. Otherwise you may not get them before Christmas.

This last, lone, lorn cake will go to the cake non-recipient (non-cake-recipient?) who comments first. Note that that's not to the first person to comment, but to the first person who missed cake the first time around.



diane h said...

I will comment first but I got the pretty cake, as can still be seen in the last blog entry (still). I was also going to go to Nana's. But I have to admit to heresy: I am at yarn saturation. Must. knit. to make room.

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

Email is on it's way.

And if the post office was super smart - they would sell yarn! Or put themselves in a yarn shop.