Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An Embarrassment of Riches

As a general rule, I have a hard time finding a new project to fill the void left by a finished object. Not so this time. Waiting in the wings is, of course, my knobby-kneed friend, Art. I've decided Art needs to be a Bay. Unfortunately, when I got to Knitche yesterday, I found I had written my "Buying Guide For Art" on a list other than the one I put in my pocket. A blessing in disguise, as it turns out, since I would have bought DK or sport-weight yarn (because the "basic horse pattern" in the book calls for UK DK/US light worsted). In my frustration, I pored over the mustang pattern last night. He is knit from Rowan Summer Tweed, which, according to Rowan, is aran weight. Still, Art will have to wait for the Rowan Kid Classic I ordered last night to arrive.

In the middle of yesterday's frustration, i.e. while standing in front of the super-wash wools and feeling stupid and annoyed, I picked up some more Baby Ull. There's a thought of matching Stupid Booties for the BSJ flitting around my head. Well, more than flitting around, since I've bought yarn, right? Besides, I clearly have a demon to exorcise with the booties.

Nope. I have no idea where the blue and green came from.

Then there are my knitting shoes - which, despite their tepid reception here, I still love and for which I have the yarn.

Or, in the Interweave Holiday Knits is a pattern for a small scarf using a mere 2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Melange. Since I bought enough of this don't cheap out for charity yarn to make this year's 78 inch striped Red Scarf, I need a pattern like this badly. I have, well, let's see. Is that 4 skeins of Huckleberry (or 6?), and 2 skeins of Pesto, and there's some Salsa in there and hmm, some Dijon and . . . never mind. I have enough.

I feel teacher gifts (I still owe Marco* for modelling last year's Red Scarf) and Christmas Bazaar knitting in my future.

Maybe I'll just put the names of all the projects into a hat and see what I pull out?

*Linked because October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

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Luni said...

"Camptown Races, sing this song, doo dah, doo dah, Camptown Racetrack five miles long, oh de doo dah day, g'wan run all night, g'wan run all day, bet my money on a bob-tailed nag, somebody bet on the bay."

I can sing those song lyrics, but I always thought a bay was a white horse. Thanks for the link.