Monday, October 15, 2007

Get Out Your Knitting Shoes

The good news is I finished the Red Scarf. A quick trip to Starbucks for a gift card (because everybody needs a treat, right?) and I was all set.

All packed up and shipped off via UPS thanks to the local Office Depot.

The bad new is, we didn't manage to pull off apple-picking.

The good news is, I got to spend some time with that engineering phenomenon known as the Baby Surprise Jacket. Supposedly, one will get comfortable after a while and leave the safety pins behind. Not this knitter. Second shipwrecks and all that. It looks so much better when the nice diagonal lines aren't crooked like lighting bolts.

Oh. Umm. I may have spent some time online ordering yarn for these from The Knitting Man(ual).

The members of the male persuasion may have rejected them, but that doesn't mean I can't make a pair for me. The pattern calls for double stranding Lamb's Pride worsted. The KM versions shown here are purple (right) and purple and brown (left). They also suggest making a pair in pink and red.

Mine will be made in a lovely, sedate combination of Onyx and Sable.


Bobbi said...

woohoo! the scarf is finished. hmmmm, I'm not sure about those slippers you'll have to let me know how they come out.

Luni said...

W. T. F. on the slippers. I mean, if you need a nice slipper pattern, I can provide.
Glad you finished the scarf. You deserve to celebrate. And rest your fingers.

Jess said...

Good work on the scarf! I hope the recipient loves it, and I'm sure the coffee card will be appreciated as well.

I'm not so sure I love those slippers, personally. I much prefer the Fiber Trends felted clogs, which are also knit with two strands of Lamb's Pride (or other worsted weight yarn, but the LP holds up well).