Friday, October 05, 2007

Who Said I'm Avoiding Knitting?

It worked. (ItworkedItworkedItworked!)

I've dampened it with a little wool wash to relax the yarn after it's traumatic undoing and redoing.

This was not quite as easy as that first row made it seem. I ended up gathering the ladders I wasn't using into a coil-less pin to keep myself from knitting with the wrong strand. I used another pin to mark the ladder I would be using next, moving the pins as I worked up.

Then there was the part where I became convinced I had lost one of the M1's on the increase row, undid what I had fixed, added the M1, patted myself on the back and then put it out of my mind. This led to some confusion when I looked at my lovely diagonal line, now without a jog in it, counted my stitches and found I had one more than I should have. This in turn led to frenzied counting and recounting until I put the M1 back in my mind.

No. I did not rip it all out again. I have my limits. I buried a K2tog somewhere on that side. I'm not telling you where. Its very existence will remain our little secret.

It worked.

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