Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Having equated Red Scarf with October 15, I set myself the arbitrary deadline of finishing the scarf today so I could ship it tomorrow. While this left no time for blogging, somewhere amid all the determined knitting, I snuck over to the OFA website. With hope nascent I went to visit Norma's Regular Blog. Guess what? October 15 is the mail-by date, not the receive-by date.

I had planned to spend the day with Netflix. The scarf is more than half done, though. Well, barely. I suppose if you count weaving in the ends, a little less than half. Stop that. I'm happy in my delusions. Moreover, I'm inclined to tell you what I'm daydreaming about now.

I want to make this horse from
Dream Toys by Claire Garland.

I have absolutely no reason, not the faintest glimmer of an excuse. My youngest child is 13, well past the stuffed animal stage. I can't think of a niece or nephew I could give this to. More to the point, I'm not sure I want to give him away.

I'm thinking a less pressed-lint looking yarn. Maybe a darker gray with black for the muzzle, mane and hooves. Perhaps with a snazzy green saddle. I have plenty of yarn bits to make the handsome granny-square saddle blanket.

Considering my current near-vertical learning curve, this should provide plenty of blog fodder.

He's gawky and gangly and downright homely.

I love his knobby knees and dopey face. I'm enchanted. Charmed. I think I'll call him art. Also, Art.


diane h said...

Your blog takes me places I never knew exist. A book of knitted toys - amazing!

Bobbi said...

hurray for netflix! glad you get more time to knit.

good luck with the horse.