Monday, October 08, 2007


Negligent. Derelict. Inattentive. Red Scarves are due in a week.

Slack. Remiss. Irresponsible. Is it my imagination, or is that guy bending an accusatory glare on me? I swear I can hear him, "Get knitting, woman."

Forgetful. Heedless. Mindless. I think I need to tweak the pattern.

Feckless. Slapdash. Forsaking. I foresee a donation to the Red Scarf Foundation for Foster Youth (scroll down the sidebar) in my future.

Unthinking. Unmindful. Lax. Red Scarves are due in a week.


diane h said...

Phew! I'm so glad I didn't intend to knit a red scarf - very nice pattern. You can do it! Just cover the guy with the skeins of yarn. What does he know - he's a photo.

Luni said...

Tweak the pattern? Like change the length to six inches?
I wouldn't worry about it. They had too many red scarves last year. There just aren't, thankfully, that many foster children.

Bobbi said...

knit knit knit! you can do it! :)

Shelly said...

Um, that does look like a reproachful (sp?) glance. I would not want him staring at me like that.