Monday, October 29, 2007

Petticoats and Ascots

I will admit to second thoughts. While fresh from the triumph of turning 32 into 115, I thought to power through the rest of the Huckleberry Ascot. Then I got the first bobbles made.

Did I say second thoughts? Hell, serious reconsideration. Who would want a scarf with these odd little excrescences? It was a time of taking deep breaths and trusting the designer, all the while maintaining a sotto voce stream of commentary - very little of it complimentary.

I was not prepared for the transformation wrought by binding off. This little ruffle appears all of a sudden, instead of these - protrusions. It makes me think of crinolines. I was charmed. But then what did I know?

I ran it through some market testing. At a Family Gathering last night, I cornered my sister and my mother. Now that I have their approval, I'm willing to consider multiplying. Admittedly, my mother thought I should make one in Pink, but this is supposed to sell in Hyde Park, where different and dowdy is a way of life, practically a calling. Besides, the yarn doesn't come in pink. (I think perhaps Blue Sky Alpacas couldn't come up with an attractive sounding food name. I can't imagine "Medium-Rare Tenderloin" would get many buyers.)

So, this is what I got. A kind of ugly yellow that is rather pretty on very close inspection, but who's going to want to get close enough (Dijon)? A dark kind of dismal green (Pesto). The grey (Licorice) and the red (Salsa) which is grossly misrepresented, but when I correct for the red, all the other colors skew.

I've pretty much decided to go with the red for the second ascot. Now I need to decide if I need a third. I'm thinking one of the darker colors, if nothing else to set off the other two.

I can make bobbles into petticoats. Who'd have thought?

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diane h said...

You can also put excresence in the description. Although leaning towards agrarian, the OED lists a couple of its uses as rare and obs. This would be much more appealing to the HP crowd than petticoat, I'm afraid. Even in pink. I kind of vote for the licorice as #3.