Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Little Comeuppance Is Good For Me

Well. Goodness. That was exciting.

I had a whole post written, from the foxhole in which I was cowering, in defense of yesterday's post. Then I poked my head out and realized that, except for apologizing to Renee -- who is not a mystery, just a better lurker than I am -- I was probably making a mountain out of a molehill. (Hmm. Is it better to mix your metaphor, or should I have extended it?).
Instead, here's a response to Diane's comment about my closet.

What makes you think there's yarn in there?


diane h said...

Very good! I also enjoyed reading how others use Ravelry. Though I'm not tempted to join - like not learning to spin, I don't have time!

I see a suitcase in the picture - I bet a good size plastic bag of yarn would fit -

Luni said...

Aha. Now that I've looked back and seen the comments you got to the last post, I understand your reaction more. Don't worry, you can still hide in that foxhole on Ravelry. I won't friend you.
BUT I've friended Renee! ;P