Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We Progress

I am in hot pursuit of the perfect (read: non-silk) yarn for the Sweet Indulgence robe. The road has been rough. Fraught with peril and unexpected traps. Pitfalls, even.

Cascade Pima Tencel in #1694 with Berroco Zen in Mindfulness (bottom) and Filatura Di Crosa Portofino in Foliage (top). Reject.

It turns purple in some light.

Maggi's Rag in #1 and #5. Reject. Reject.

The blue is "too grey." The red only had "possibilities."

Berroco Cotton Twist in Pinata and Filatura Di Crosa Portofino in Sunset. Reject. Reject.

Left, too busy. Right, too flimsy.

PJ's by Knit One, Crochet, Too. Reject.

It felt like knitting the foam backing off of a bathmat. Truly nasty.

Do not abandon hope, all you who enter here. We have achieved, well, something. This (tan-tan-ta-ra) is the confirmed main color. Cascade Pima Tencel in 7478.

Now we just have to decide which edging. Will it be Door Number 1 - Portofino in Sunset (top border and down the side). Door Number 2 - Self-bordered, double-stranded Pima Tencel (middle right). Door Number 3 - Self-bordered, triple stranded, Pima Tencel (middle left, imagine there's no blue). Or Door Number 4 (Wait. Didn't they only have 3 doors on Let's Make a Deal?) Portofino in Foliage (the bottom and up the sides).

Well, I only said we had progress. Not lift-off.


Bobbi said...

wow! so many swatches! glad to see you found something you're happy with. I don't have an opinion about the border, I think they all look good, so I'm no help there.

Kristina said...

Your blog is great! (and, on another note, congrats on the Fleece Artist kit). I love the colour you're going with for the robe... I don't know the gauge for the robe pattern but I recently used SWTC Phoenix soysilk for a top which feels FABULOUS. I got 4 sts/6 rows per inch using 6 mm needles. http://www.soysilk.com/yarn.html

Luni said...

I'm a new fan. It is rare to find somewhere with your attention to detail and passion for knitting pix. I found your blog yesterday through ringsurf. I've subscribed through bloglines, which is how I read the 40-odd knitting blogs I like. It appears that I may be your first subscriber in bloglines.
I am a member of blogger, and just started a knitting blog here. I have another old one elsewhere, but was ready for a change.

Deb said...

YYYYUUUUUUMMMMMMMM! beautiful colour. I will be watching the progress!

Kathleen said...

I'm supposing I don't really get a vote, but once I figured out what was where, I must admit, I wouldn't pick Doors 3 or 4. Of Door 1 and Door 2, I like Door 2 best, but Door 1 has distinct possibilities! :) In case you wanted my opinion! :)

Good luck and have fun! I'm sure it will be beautiful whichever edge you decide on!