Monday, May 07, 2007

Promises Are Made to be Kept*

There's knitting here. Really. It's just that I got stuck last week. The chickens came home to roost and they weren't happy. My choices all came back to bite me. Procrastination had nothing to do with it (oh, sure). Neither did letting myself feel overwhelmed (yeah, right). None of which changes the fact that there were consequences. Pay-up and payback time. I could get sick and knit. Or I could knit and finish the project I'd promised. Or I could get sick and finish the project. I just couldn't do all three, not last week. Since I wasn't given a lot of choice about the being laid out flat sick part, I didn't knit. Sorry.

While this isn't knitting, I'm pretty damned impressed with myself. (Make excuses for me. I've been ill.) In four days I managed to turn this

and this
into this.
My hands are a mess. I have calluses and blisters and slivers. Varnish, paint, and Sculpey are embedded under, over, and through my fingernails. I'm using Neosporin like hand cream. But it's finished. And finished on time.

Before I knit again, however, I need to re-learn how to count. This little bit represents knitting attempted while watching Sky High with Marco and John. When you add in the previews and special features, that's over two hours (we have to watch some of the special features repeatedly).

I miscounted rows. Lost my place in the pattern. Miscounted stitches. Repeated decreases. Forgot decreases. Decreased on the wrong row. Forgot I was knitting garter stitch. I don't think it was because the movie was so complex.

I decided to blame the needles. The cable is too twisty. I'm being punished for flirting with Inox. Clearly, I need a new size 7 Addi Turbo. Knitche is open on Mondays.

Knitting is making a come-back. I promise.

* The Queen says so in The Frog Prince.


diane h said...

Absolutely beautiful - another temple?

No comment on the knitting - the needles are held responsible.

clare said...

Yay! You finished the temple! And twisty cables are no fun, I think needle-blaming is completely justified.

And, on an almost knitting-related subject (which is why I feel justified in tagging it on to my comment), did you know that spiral galaxies with fuzzy, poorly-defined arms are called flocculent spiral galaxies, meaning that they resemble wool?