Friday, May 18, 2007


Dang. Drat. Nuts. Rats. If I string enough of these together, will they provide the same satisfaction as one good damn? Blast.

Nope, not working.

I have to knit another swatch. Maybe two. This realization was forced on me when Diane commented on the "after blocking" gauge for Sweet Indulgence. The gauge expands from 4 spi (which I got) to 3.5 spi.

Putting the still hypothetical robe through the washer and dryer will not, I venture to predict, make it bloom.

Sweet angels of mercy. Bless us and save us said Mrs. O'Davis. For Pete's sake.

Maybe if I say them really loud?

One does begin to see the logic behind those ancient Romans and their whole "kill the messenger" thing. I know. I know. No longer socially acceptable. Not to mention the negative effect it can have on one's friendships. Must find constructive outlet. Cleaning out a closet might work; I bet I'd be plenty ruthless today. Also more productive than listing all my knitting needles on eBay.

Or I could just go out and collect more expletives.


diane h said...

I would HATE to drive you to house cleaning. Amy says you need 4st/in after blocking - didn't you block the swatch, i.e., wash/dry it? I see
4 stitches to the inch in your picture. Right? I count the hole in the V not the downward pointing arrow.

Bobbi said...

ah! how frustrating! you were all set too!

ps - tag you're it! visit my blog for more info