Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rhetorical Questions or Talking to Myself

Did I not say that I had had enough of swatches?

Have I not ceased to call them geeky things (sorry, Amy, skunk cabbage by any other name is still a swatch . . .)?

Do I not have plenty of projects lined up?

Was I not going to knit with something summery (it's 85F here today)?

So, why, having made the dishcloth decision, did I immediately go do this?

This is Mountain Colors Mountain Goat in Evergreen.

This is a swatch.

It was necessary because in order to make the fingerless mitts I love from Weekend Knitting, I must know my gauge.

This is one unassembled fingerless mitt waiting to be bound off in a three-needle manner.

Must I remind myself that it is eighty-frickin'-five degrees Fahrenheit out there?

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