Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I can't settle. At this rate, nothing is going to be brought to completion. I have entirely too much in production.

The Bubbly Curtain is there to represent the engaging and intriguing.

The Weird Partial Garter Miters for the portable and nearly patternless. These are proliferating alarmingly. Some significant assembly needs to start soon.

And, of course, the swatches in the "no, Diane, I don't want to crunch the numbers" division.

This last accumulation probably explains the latest trip to Knitche. I've been moving them from pillar to post, trying to figure out what I could possibly do with them. I don't want to toss them, but they're just bits and pieces of yarn. Of course, unravelled and reclaimed, they'd be perfect for a real Mason-Dixon mitered square blanket*. All I need is more.

Not that that explains how the 40% off Euroflax got there.

Then again, these towels have long awaited their companion pieces. Excuse me. I have to flit off to start searching my Barbara Walkers for stitch patterns.

* No. I don't want to count up how many blankets that makes.

1 comment:

diane h said...

I thought I was a process knitter but with your fortitude for swatches, you are a PROCESS knitter!

You can bundle your disfavored swatches and extra yarn off to some place collecting squares for charity afghans. I felt good sending squares off even though I had to add a row around the outside to make them big enough.

I haven't seen the tree towel before. Very nice -