Thursday, May 10, 2007


As in to every action there is an equal and opposite one.

Those days and days of manual labor? The ones that ended with me being completely unable to do basic knitting math on Sunday? Those days were capped Monday morning when the pole on my husband's side of the closet capsized. Perhaps I should mention, my husband is not handy. The assumption around here is that he'd call an electrician before he'd change a burned out light bulb. Replacing the closet pole was all mine. I removed the old bracket, and found six (count 'em, 6!) holes drilled into the wall, none of which matched the placement of the holes for the replacement pole. Not one.

Much silent creative cursing - the boys were helping - was followed by digging out the drill and the utility lamp (did I mention himself had broken the pull chain to the closet light?), finding the right size bit, drilling the new holes, and hanging the pole (more creative cursing). Oh, and by repairing the closet light.

I had reached my limit. I was due for a backlash. It was duck and cover time.

I've repaired and recovered the Bubbly Curtain.

I've added poppies, budding trees and blue sky and sunshine to the mitered square collection.

Then I started some summer-colored ones.

With the realization that Clare comes home on Saturday, I've returned to the geeky thing project. Once I finish this,

I'll only have to make a red one before I start worrying about getting gauge and ordering enough of whatever yarn or yarn combination she decides on.

The fingers in my right hand are cramping. I wonder if I've over-reacted.

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diane h said...

Does the guy know that grout is supposed to be between the tiles? Jerry isn't even as active as calling the electrician. Gotta get over there -