Friday, May 25, 2007

A Better Title - But No Pictures

I don't know how I missed it. I have the Boz Scaggs cover of it on my iPod (although he calls it "Waiting for a Train"). The title of yesterday's post should have been taken from "All Around the Water Tank." The last line of the song is "I'm a thousand miles away from home, just waiting for a train," which would have been perfect. Thank you Jimmie Rodgers. Great song. (Ramblin' Jack Elliot covered it, too, on his "Ramblin' Jack" CD, but I like the slow, mournful way Boz sings it.)

Diane berated me for cutting the story short. I thought maybe you would get a little tired of the search for a Target to replace the items I really couldn't do without. Maybe you would prefer not knowing how Marc developed a deep and abiding familiarity with Interstate 93. Perhaps you didn't need to know that I ran up the largest cell phone bill in my entire life with my twice and thrice daily calls to Boston. Or how my good friend Baggage Master Mike noted that there are multiple towns named Plymouth in New England. Or how I proved what a complete urban idiot I am when I kept looking for a bus station in Plymouth. (Like Plymouth had land to waste on a huge warehouse/garage-type structure when the Trailways bus came by only once a day.) Or how I found out that Trailways isn't just one company. It leases (?) licenses (?) to multiple small, local, transport companies, (like Concord Coach) none of whom talk to each other. So if you're afraid that the suitcase you're longing for has been put on a bus to, say, Concord, Maine instead of Concord, NH, you have to call the bus company that services Boston to Concord, Maine, because the one that runs the route through New Hampshire hasn't a clue. Or how I finally got my suitcase and proceeded to lose my keys. Or how we fought over the afghan on the coldest train ride in human history (a.k.a. getting back home), because the air-conditioner on the train had two settings, on and off.

I don't know why she laughed so hard when I told her this story last summer. Served her right that she almost fell off my kitchen chair. And to think I gave her that yarn.

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