Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Too Much Thinking

I bet you all thought I was having so much fun swatching that I had forgotten about the Bubbly Curtain. Whereas the reverse is true. The Bubbly Curtain is alive and well and doing a fine job helping me avoid those nasty swatches.

I keep hoping it's farther along than it is. Approaching half-way would be an exaggeration. In point of fact, a gross exaggeration. A lie. Still, here it is so far, complete with lifelines (that Neptune and 2nd shipwreck thing, you know?)

The section between the two lifelines is the part I inserted to expand the pattern for my unreasonably-sized bathroom window. I think it works. I'm pretty sure it works. If I squint one eye and turn my head sideways. No, really. I think I like it. I think it was a good idea. I'm not protesting too much.

I think I need to finish something before I hyperventilate. Something useful. Something pretty.

I'm thinking dishcloth.


diane h said...

Dishclothes are the perfect stand-in completed project when the knitting refuses to grow - just as reading blogs are the perfect stand-in for faxing forms to NIH and other tedious bits of paperwork.

Nice colors.

Bobbi said...

I think the curtain looks good. congrats on modifying it to fit your window!

Shelly said...

I am really liking your curtain.