Monday, May 28, 2007

Another Word For Slogging Through . . .

Discipline. I've been raised to believe it's a good thing. That which stands between us and disorder verging on anarchy. Frankly, that's all that held me to my needles this weekend. But I managed to produce swatches. If I don't produce swatches, I will never produce a robe. If I never produce a robe, the sky might fall. Instead of cascading into a new and higher form of order, I may precipitate disintegration and then where will we all be?

So. The good news is that I learned more stuff. Stuff such as I would rather garrote myself with my Addi Turbo's than knit the whole of Sweet Indulgence with three strands of anything, much less Cascade Pima Tencel. I can't tell you how relieved I was when the fabric came out like a rug -- sturdy, stiff, and unyielding. And Clare didn't like it, either (whew).

The other good news, is that we've found the combination for the final product. All Pima Tencel, all the way, all the time. I'll only have to triple strand the top and bottom borders; neither of us like the look or feel of triple stranded side borders, so I'll do that ribbing double stranded.

You may have noticed that there's triple standing embedded in process. I'm hiding it from myself. I do have a plan for self-deception all worked out. For the bottom row, I'll tell myself that once I get through it, I'll get to drop a strand. The final border will be a little tougher, but I'm hoping that by the time I get there, I'll have forgotten enough to start and that by the time I start thinking desperate thoughts the end will be in sight. I'm calling it discipline

Now if I can only find a needle size where I get gauge so I don't have to use that other discipline.

The one that involves numbers.


diane h said...

Let's review the better part of valor: retreat and crunch the numbers. Then you get to start the robe!

Shelly said...

I really like the color you decided on!

Deb said...

Finally caught up on some blog reading! The colour is divine-let me know how you progress on the robe!