Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Peace in the Valley

Unlike most of the knitters in Northern Illinois, I did not go out to the Western suburbs to represent with the Yarn Harlot. I had, after all, just seen her in July, in much less overwhelming circumstances, and found her everything her writing promised - warm, funny, humane, with the unexpected delight of a lovely speaking voice. I am, however, too old to be either a stalker or a groupie. I'll get enough of a fix from her blog, probably clicking all the links to read what others have to say. It will be enough.

My evening was spent much more sedately. At least, as sedately as it can be with Marco and John home for Spring Break. I should mention that I don't do well when every moment is planned, especially when we only have a week. In fact, I am an advocate of the benefits of boredom. I tell my children it fosters independent thinking and creativity. I don't think they believe me. The period between the onset of boredom and the realization that, not only have I interdicted all forms of electronic entertainment, I have no intention of filling the void is, admittedly, tricky. Having achieved equilibrium, how could I interrupt and haul them out for several hours of squirming frustration?

Instead, secure in their absorption, I knit. It was the first time in days, and yes, it really has been a series of one of "those" days. I begin to think I have one of "those" lives.

I am immersed in the Bubbly Curtain.

I don't know why I'm surprised by how engaging it is to knit. Well, yes, I do; it's abstract, white, mostly stockinette with a bunch of yo's and k2tog's thrown in. This reads like a fool-proof recipe for ennui. I had failed to consider the Mason-Dixon influence. One should always consider the source. Right now I am fascinated by the orderly way this seemingly random pattern is constructed. The only modification I'm considering is due to the unreasonable height of my window: should I extend the middle section of the chart? I think I might.

In between, I am indulging in Sea Silk. Very in-between. Sporadically and spasmodically at best. I'm not sure this is a keeper.

I don't think it's a good sign when I prefer the wrong side. Still, it's satisfying the color requirement.

These moments of grace, these periods of calm well-being, are too few.

Honestly now, how could I give this up, even for Stephanie?

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Kathy Leelanau said...

I also want to knit that curtain, but need it for 2 large windows. After pricing the Euroflax, I sat back and reconsidered. What are you using for your fiber?