Thursday, April 26, 2007


There's no excuse. I stayed up late to get a start on the Bubbly Curtain Redux (I am so bored with swatches). I had The Station Agent to keep me company, which was probably a mistake. Well, no. It was definitely a mistake. Because otherwise, surely, I wouldn't have done this, right?

One bubble trying to rise diagonally instead of vertically. And me with no lifeline.

The second, no, third, mistake was thinking I wasn't too sleep-deprived to fix it. I was. I gave up.

Is it really not principled to drink when one's children will be depending on one for things like meeting their bus, fixing dinner, helping with homework?

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diane h said...

I have seen The Station Agent - and I have also ripped out knitting done late at night ;-)

Drinking is always allowed, just not getting drunk.

Bobbi said...

oh! that hurts! Maybe third time will be a charm? Here's hoping!