Friday, April 20, 2007

Taking It To The Next Level

With Pima Tencel moving to the front of the pack for the Sweet Indulgence, robe, I've decided to raise the standard for geeky things.

It will , perhaps, come as no surprise that this entailed a trip to the yarn store, despite two days of parent teacher conferences cleverly disguised as report card pick-ups. Marco and I sallied forth to Loopy Yarns, the locus of the No Sheep For You book-signing. I love Loopy Yarns. If I didn't have to pay $10.00 to park, it would be my yarn store of choice. People so often freak out over Marco. The staff of Loopy not only took him in stride, they took an interest. All you knitting mothers of disabled children, take note. Especially if your children are, like Marco, fiber-oriented.

This is Marco's.

Look what I came home with.

Pima Tencel in 3183/Ginger and 7013/Teal. Berroco Cotton Twist in 8452/Fiesta and Calico in 1829/Acid. Looking at the colors on Berroco's website, I find myself wishing I'd gotten the Calico in Terrazzo. Somehow I missed it. Still, these are for practice and to find out how the yarn behaves as much as to decide what colors work together.

In keeping with Deb's comments and Clare's questions, I'm double stranding. PT Ginger with Calico Acid (why does that sound like a recreational drug to me?) for the first geeky thing. I'll pair up the Teal with the Fiesta for the next. Then, because I prefer the coral color of it, the Berroco Love It! in Pueblo with either the Calico Acid or the Portofino Sunset.

For this set of works in progress, I'm simultaneously trying to follow the pattern (no problem there) and devise a method for switching out the one strand of the variegated for one strand of the solid between the ribbing border and the body of the robe.

I feel like Arachne.


AmyArtisan said...

The PT Teal is what I picked up @ Loopy during "no sheep for you" & made the bejeweled scarf pattern from it. Love the color combos. So far I've been able to always park on the street @ Loopy. :)

Look forward to seeing what you choose for the 'final' yarns.

Deb said...

Whatever you end up with, let me tell you- I love the colour sense!!!!! (And it sounds like Marco is in on the wild colour thing,too-good for him!) Looking forward to seeing what your final decision will be-

Shelly said...

I have been very impressed with your meticulous approach to finding the optimal yarn for this robe.