Thursday, April 12, 2007

You Can't Blame Neptune For A Second Shipwreck

I had no idea when I began it that the Mason-Dixon Bubbly Curtain would be the object of so much interest. For the first time in the history of this blog, I can use a post to answer questions.

Kathy Leelanau asked: "After pricing the Euroflax, I sat back and reconsidered. What are you using for your fiber?"

It's Maggi's Linen. I had the good fortune to score a huge quantity (I think with the Bubbly Curtain in mind, though I didn't admit it at the time) when the owners of a semi-local yarn store decided to retire and close the shop, so I got it seriously cheap. I've seen it for $5.50 to $7.50 USD. I'm not sure why the price range, but it's certainly a more affordable option than Euroflax Original Sport-weight, which goes for around $18.00 USD a hank .

Clare commented: "I'll have to move on to the curtain (which I like very much) and ask if you're knitting it so that the stripes will be horizontal or vertical. "

Vertical - like bubbles rising in a glass of champagne.

Diane has a thing about my stitch marker dependency, as demonstrated by the observation she made when she asked: "What are the blue markers for?"

It's an 18-stitch pattern repeat. The blue markers mark each 18 stitches. Just because I'm not using a lifeline doesn't mean it's not lace.

Bobbi wondered: Are you trying to make it wider or longer?"

I answered Bobbi's question in the post yesterday, but it leads me to another aspect of the Bubbly Curtain. That swatch I knit in stockinette? The one that matched the gauge for the stockinette swatch given in the pattern? It lied, it lied, it lied through its teeth. Given past experience with open work patterns not conforming to the expectations raised by swatches, I should have been prepared for this.

Looking at the pinned out section, and having the yardstick right there and all, I decided to measure the width of 18 stitch repeat. Based on it's measurement, I've got 2 more repeats than I need to fill the window. I have to accept that my curtain will not resemble bubbles of champagne in a fine crystal flute. It will more closely resemble something viewed through the undulations and imperfections of old window glass. Or, I can frog and start over.


diane h said...

Don't frog! It will be nice and flowy - a little like champagne in a crystal tumbler rather than a flute - you think?

Bobbi said...

hmmm, it is really wider than the window? I dont' know as much as I hate frogging and I do a lot of it, I'd rather frog and have something be perfect and usable than not and not be happy with it in the end. sorry :(