Friday, April 13, 2007

Three Down

Marco and John had the day off. I forget if it was a "Professional Development Day" or a "Teacher Institute Day." It's the Friday before report cards. We used to call it "Marking Day." A day off for Marco and John requires one of two outings: Michael's or Target. I have no idea why. I just take orders. I suspect it has something to do with whether they want to eat at Pizza Hut or Wendy's. They're 17 and 12. Gourmet is not in their vocabulary.

We never hurry on a day off, so, until the boys were ready to go, I made "geeky things." This is not fun. I want a functional end-product. Six-inch squares of unrelated fibers are not functional. Good sources of information, I know, but not actual usable objects. Demonstrating more empathy than I expected, Marco has saved me from swatching the Knit One Crochet, Too PJ's.

I am, however, a woman with a mission: find a college-proof substitute for the $40.00 MSRP Classic Elite Temptation the Sweet Indulgence Robe calls for. Despite needing to survive fall, winter and spring in East Anglia, Clare does not want wool. Herewith I present the first three possibilities.

The bright green is Cascade Pima Tencel, a blend of cotton and tencel. The coral is cotton and polyester Lion Brand Cotton Ease. The dark grey-green is cotton acrylic polyamide Maggi Knits Maggi's Rag. The Pima Tencel was the nicest to knit. The Maggi's Rag is the nicest finished product. The Cotton Ease is the only machine washable and dryable option. It has also, however, been discontinued.

I know which one I'm rooting for.

These are destined for abuse. I don't care what the recommended care is, they are all going to join the family laundry tomorrow. Only the strong survive.


Jess said...

Lion Brand just re-released Cotton Ease, so don't discount it!

Clare said...

If you do run across a wool or wool blend you think would be perfect, you can make it one of the contenders, but I can always add layers when it's cold and it's awfully tricky to make wool less warm. I'm not sure which I prefer of these, though. The Pima Tencel and the Cotton Ease are appealing color-wise, but I also tend to gravitate towards varigated, and the Maggi's Rag swatch looks intriguing. I think I'll withold judgement till you write how well they stood the Great Laundry Test.