Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Determinedly Not Whining

In the original version of this entry I intended to throw my pathetic, needy self on the tender mercies of blog-land. Except I realized I had already sort of done that when I posted to the M-D KAL. It brought some nice commenter's over here, but no one had recommendations for the Bubbly Curtain. It occurred to me that I do, in fact, have a brain. Maybe using it wouldn't be a bad idea.

To recapitulate, I am dithering about how to extend the Bubbly Curtain. Do I work the pattern as given? (The easy way out. The problem being that the pattern was written specifically for a small window.) Do I get creative? (The nerve-wracking option, but my window is not small.) Enter pins, ruler and imagination.

That's one repeat of rows 1 - 48 plus 4 rows of garter stitch border pinned out. The orange marker (Not a word, Diane. Not. One. Word. We all have our crutches.) marks the beginning of the section I propose to repeat. The row on the needles marks the end. This would expand the section of medium density bubbles by about 6 inches. (Edited to add: Re-reading this after Bobbi's comment, I realize it's unclear. I'm looking to make the curtain longer.)

If I work the pattern as written, heavy density into medium density will cover about one-fourth of the window. If I expand the pattern, they will cover a little over one-third. I'll be expanding.

All of which has ended up being a lot of time and thought to confirm what I wanted to do in the first place. Makes one wonder if one is falling victim to confirmation bias, but then it's my curtain. Still, I think I'll leave it keeping company with the Edward Gorey puzzle for a bit. (Oh, what? You only use your dining room table to eat on?)

Meantime, I'll start on geeky things.

P.S. I need to let one little whine out. That's snow on the ground.

April is the cruelest month. (T.S. Eliot. The Wasteland.)


Bobbi said...

Are you trying to make it wider or longer?

diane h said...

Of course we use our dining room table to hold the mail! Curtain looks great. I was waiting to hear that you would repeat the middle section until you get the length you need. The orange marker makes perfect sense. What are the blue markers for? FEEL the pattern - bubbles in a glass of champagne ;-)

Bobbi said...

yep I think repeating that section is the right idea.

Dixie said...

First time publishing a comment on a blog- hope I'm doing this correctly.

I'm also knitting this curtain for a window bigger than the size recommended. Not quite as big as yours though... 24 x 40.
I've been wondering the same thing, and as I'm now approaching row 40, I have to make the decision soon!

I think that repeating rows 21-47 a second time before continuing on sounds like a great idea. I too was worried that the rising bubbles look was going to be negated on a taller window and end up with a look that is just lacy on the bottom. You've confirmed my thinking. After all, if we're BOTH thinking the same thing, then we must be right!