Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time Out

I was in such a bad skin this morning. One of those stomping up and down, muttering under my breath, thoroughly unpleasant, railing about/against who/whatever, complete in its absolute negativity, go stand in that corner young lady, frames of mind. Poor, poor, pitiful me. I had a few more epithets running through my head, but they're gone, now. Too bad, because some of them I know were really good.

This is a not unusual state of mind on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are the day I force my family to undergo that bizarre ritual known as "Cleaning for the Cleaning People." Tuesdays are when I find out that, once again, I have failed to teach my sons that "under the couch" is not the same as "put away." Tuesdays are invariably the day I find that the open package of cookies left on the counter after lunches have been made is, in point of fact, empty. As is the box of crackers that someone put back in the cupboard (empty and in the cupboard?) The kitchen garbage can is all of five feet away.

All things considered, is anyone surprised that when the door-bell rang my immediate reaction was, shall we say, less than hospitable? Let that be a lesson. Good thing I live in a condo and the person at the door couldn't hear me. Look what that nice Federal Express man dropped off.

I believe the proper response is "Oooh!" followed by "Aaaah!"

More experiments in the great "Sweet Indulgence" research project. Left is Berroco "Cotton Twist" in 8447/Pinata. Down the middle are Berroco "Love It!" in 3218/Pueblo, Filatura di Crosa Portofino in 6/Sunset, and Reynolds Bonnie in 9/Persimmon. On the right is Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Natural in 9705/Azure.

All I can say is, it's a good thing the cleaning people are coming today. I'm taking my time out right now. I have geeky things to knit.


diane h said...

ORANGE?? I'm rooting for the Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Natural in 9705/Azure.

Bobbi said...

oooooh pretty!