Saturday, January 27, 2007

Time to Take the Plunge

I'm giving fair warning here. I'm finally finishing the switch to "New Blogger." Gutless wonder that I am, I don't think I'll go as drastic as Lene. In fact the first change will simply be the new version of the template I've got, but I'll be playing around for the next bit.

Let's see if it's as much fun as Blogger claims it will be...

Edited to add:

1) Aw dang, they took away my buttons.

2) Never mind.

Edited Sunday to Add:

Kathleen asked about buttons. Okay, let me see if I can recreate what I did so it makes sense. It's kind of long, Sorry.

On the new Blogger Dashboard, click "Layout". (If your Dashboard still says "Template," you'll need to choose your new template first.) "Layout" will bring you to the new Template tab.

Under Template, go to "Edit HTML." At the very bottom click the link that says "View Classic Template." This opens a new window with all your old code. Scroll down till you see the HTML for the button/s you want. Hit "Control and "C", select the code you want, right click, choose "Copy."

Go to Page Elements. Click "Add a Page Element." In the new window, click "Add to Blog" under HTML/Java Script. In that new window, right click, and choose paste. Save.

If you want the little dividers/borders between say, buttons and rings, add all the buttons as one page element and all the rings as a separate one.

Drag and Drop the element to where you want it.

Click "Save Changes."

It's a little tricky, because sometimes the preview would show the changes in the wrong place, but it all worked out in the end.

Admittedly, I did this last night, and took a number of wrong turns to get what I wanted, but I'm pretty sure these are the steps that finally worked. Did that make sense?

I'm wondering if, under the rich text option, you could just copy and paste the buttons right off the old blog, assuming you'd had the good sense to open a window with the old blog before you chose your new template? I didn't think of it until now, but I wonder.

Now if I can just figure out to add and link a completely new button. Or even create a button, for that matter.


Kathleen said...

WHen I tried a new template, my buttons went away. When I went back to my original template, though still the New Blogger, they came back.

I'd like to change it - but need to examine the code for button placement. If you figured it out, I'd love to know!

Kathleen said...

Thank you, Julie. I shall attempt and see what happens!