Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And There They Go

Whew! I almost blew the Red Scarf Project. Very important to remember knitting isn't enough. You have to ship the scarves. They will not magically find their way to the OFA. Nor are they like carrier pigeons who will get themselves where they need to be as long as you set them free. No. For scarves, further human intervention is required. But they're off. They'll be on the UPS truck this evening and reach their destination Friday. Technically not January I know, but Norma said it was okay, right here.

So today I printed off my tags and wrote a little note on the back of each one. Words failed me (I know, hard to believe, but they did) so all it says is "Hand knit for you in Chicago, February 2007." I'll be more eloquent next time.

On the theory that chocolate and goofy toys improve anything, I included a Valentine treat bag filled with Dove hearts and a pinwheel with each scarf.

It's very strange to send something you've made off into the great unknown. Generous- spirited isn't a way I think of myself. Nice, sure. Pleasant, yeah, mostly. Reasonably courteous, as long as you're not a complete idiot. But then there's that possessive part of me. The part that almost can't process the idea I'll never see these again.

Still, I don't know that anything else I've knit this past year has been as satisfying as these four scarves. So, there you go Rosie. Who knew back when I was 11 and you were maybe 3 that decades later I'd be knitting for you.

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