Thursday, January 18, 2007

Memory Is the Thing We Forget With

I always think I've told all. Sometimes I catch what I've left out. More often I need it pointed out to me. I get kind of caught up in the story part and forget details. No problem seeing the forest here, but if you were wondering whether that tree was an elm or a horse-chestnut, too bad.

So, details and nitty-gritty on Red Scarf #4. Which, I must say, did block out nicely.

Pattern is here. The Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf.
Needles were US size 13 Addi Turbos. Normal knitters could probably go down a size or two.
Knit on a diagonal of 25 stitches.
Final dimensions about 6.5" by 70".
The variegation is due to the cleverness of the yarn, not the knitter.
The yarn is Noro Iro, color 54, dyelot A. Two skeins would be fine -

- Unless you make some design decisions.

1) I wanted the scarf to be symmetrical, sort of semi-mirror imaged. I had to knit the 2 skeins from opposite ends and didn't use all the yarn at the end of the first skein or at the beginning of the second. (Did that make any sense?)

2) I liked the non-angled garter stitch borders that Norma used, so I added those on.

3) I wanted each color to be represented on each half of the scarf, which made it longer than the 60" minimum the OFA requests.

4) There's this one section of baby blue and pale pink that I really didn't care for and which I thought might kick the scarf out of the unisex pool and into the girls only one. It shows up here, at the back.

The way the yarn played out, it would have repeated in the borders. I decided that would be way too prominent, so I edited the 3rd skein accordingly.

I had to play with the pattern a little bit, too, just near the end. Somehow I missed the part where I should have used an even number of stitches. Kind of necessary if, after a certain point, you're supposed to get the same number of stitches on each needle. Not going to happen if you've got 25 stitches and are decreasing by 2's. The 3rd to last row is based on having 6 stitches left. Instead, I knit in pattern until I had 5 stitches left, skipped the directions for the 3rd to last row, and finished as the pattern describes. It worked. I'm not going to argue with it.

Something else I forgot.

Before she left, not only did Clare clean the cat box, she left chocolate behind.

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Yep, you are a designer. Bears repeating -