Friday, January 05, 2007

Patience Rewarded

I knew there was a good reason for holding off on the colorwork. Look what I got in the mail today. I found it through the Stranded: The Colorwork Challenge KAL that's going along now. Scroll down. They have a little drop down menu for resources in the sidebar.

Yes, I knew it was coming. But this is through a small printing service that apparently produces individual copies based on an individual order, and I'd had no experience with them. It could have taken weeks. And you can download it for cheaper, and faster, but I'm kind of a Luddite and I like real books. Thank you,

Stranded Colorwork by Nanette Blanchard. Click the link, there's a nice description, lots of reviews, and a sample of what the book contains. What the web page doesn't show is, in the book there's a picture of a right-handed carry, one yarn across the middle finger (yay!) and one across the index (that part will be tricky). I'd scan the picture and show it, but I'm not sure about the copyright issues.

You may shake your heads in amused disbelief at this compulsion to research before I try something. You should have seen what I compiled for my foray into polymer clay figures. I like the security that comes from documentation and original sources.

Now mind you, I haven't actually attempted any 2-stranded knitting, but at least now I have a net.

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