Monday, January 22, 2007

Problem Children

I have to concede. Bobbi may have a point. Time to set the endpaper mitts aside for a bit. Especially because I ripped back farther than I meant to and now I have to figure out where I am in the pattern. Too complicated now that plague has struck a second member of the household.

John is down. Suspicious and unkind parent that I am, I'd say it's to avoid finishing Martin the Warrior and taking the computerized book report known by the CPS as an "Accelerated Reader" test, but I don't imagine he'd start throwing up just for that. Stick the thermometer in hot water? Possibly. Other symptoms, semi-undetectable ones? Ye-es that could happen. Illness by assertion? Definitely. Throwing up? Nah.

So guess what I did while dodging males tossing their cookies?

I finished the sweater back to Clare's Perfect Sweater. This falls under the rubric of getting-ones-confidence-back knitting. Look at this, huh? Armhole shaping. Waist shaping.

Short-rows with wrap and twists for shoulder shaping.

I am continually amazed at the cleverness of knitters. Not only do they figure out this stuff, they put it together in such a way that other knitters can reproduce it. I'm thinking there's no way those endpaper mitts will keep me down. I may finish the sweater first. No, let's rephrase that, I'm pretty sure I'll be finishing the sweater first, just to get my knitting-mind right. In fact, I think I'll go cast on the sleeves.

And now for this week's non sequitur.

Shortly after dawn this morning.

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Bobbi said...

Congrats on the renewed confidence. I set the Laceleaf Pullover aside for Wicked, for which I have the correct yarn and no math is required. I will finish LLP, just after my confidence is restored. :)h