Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Meant To

I always seem to need some time to adjust to an all male world. So that's my excuse. I didn't work on the Endpaper mitts. I haven't taken Clare's sweater through the armhole shaping. It had nothing to do with disliking the tricky bits. It's because of the directionlessness I get the first couple days in my XY world.

Obviously, I needed to knit the multi-directional scarf. I've been contemplating one of these since I saw a couple in the Red Scarf Gallery. Then Norma posted about the 2nd and 3rd ones she'd made. I won't say I was inspired. It was more like, "Eh, Why not?"

Besides, I've been fixated on finishing at least 4 scarves for the Red Scarf Project. I've only completed three. It's January now. The scarves need to get mailed, but I just can't let go with only three ready.

I've tried. I have all the stuff I need to package them up. As additional incentive, I even made up my wash/care/you rock tags.

(Well. I think they're cool.) Still, the sad truth is that the 4th scarf I'd started back in November (wince)- this one - probably won't get done. It's thinner yarn and smaller needles. A multi-directional scarf fits my knitting needs as well as my mind-frame.

Remember that last girlie trip to Knitche? The one where I completed my mitered square colors? That wasn't all of it. I also came home with three skeins of this. Noro Iro, color 54, dyelot A (remember, we're not cheaping out for charity this year).

And, with my trusty US size 13 Addi circulars, I turned it into this. As proof that I' am not avoiding, I would like to note it has as many tricky bits as the projects I'd put aside. I've been knitting into the front and back and short rowing my merry way along.

I hope Norma is right and a good blocking will work wonders, though. Even allowing for the fun Noro has with incorporating texture into the yarn itself, this is a little too lumpy and bumpy for me. It's having a nice bath right now and we'll see if the ridges from the SSK settle down.

Gad my prescience sometimes astounds even me. Four scarves it is.

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diane h said...

Again - wow. Was this all 3 skeins? Did you switch direction when you came to the end of the varigation or is that an astounding coincidence?