Thursday, January 04, 2007

Annoyance Avoidance

I admit it. I've had an attack of nerves. Also some internal arguments about frogging the cuff, given the abysmal cast on. The more I look at it, the more annoyed I get with myself. So, do I knit on and ignore my cuff issues, or frog and try to get my first colorwork project right? Or at least presentable. Must ponder.

Happily, I have other knitting. I've been working on Clare's sweater. She leaves for Urbana in a little over a week, and I would at least like to know it's close to the fit she wants.

Besides, Yarn Country has notified me that it has shipped the yarn for John's Sweater. He wants the Seamless Saddle Shoulder from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Without Tears. I'm kind of excited about this. It will be another step in Knitter's Progress - my first EZ sweater. It will justify my membership in Zimmermania. I'll get to spend time with another Cascade Heather, my most favorite yarn in almost all the colorways. So, the pressure to finish the Perfect Sweater is building here.

Add to this a variation of the fear of Second Sock Syndrome. I 'm convinced once I finish the back, I'll hide from the front. So I'm knitting on them both.

The theory is, the sleeves being smaller will make that part easy and a relief and I won't get sleeve-itis.

I am also hoping to avoid complete knitting idiocy by using different color stitch markers to help me keep straight which is which, purple for the posterior (e.g. back), green for the other part (I couldn't think of a mnemonic). This in hopes to avoid knitting a frack. Or a bont.

Should I mention that the shipment from Yarn Country may contain more Cascade Heathers than that required for John's Sweater? Maybe a few new colors to finally liven up the mitered-square afghan? Maybe later.

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diane h said...

Did you try pulling on the cast-on, to kind of pull the yarn into place? I was at Nana's when someone came in with a sock mistake - just too big. She ripped it out, saying she enjoyed the unzipping sound. Oy.

I got some Cascade heather to felt into slippers. I could show you if we were to plan lunch -