Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Among Knitters, or Gloating Over My Hoard

I know. I know! This is just gratuitous. That's why I've held back for almost a week now. But I've decided I'm not even sorry about being so juvenile (Looky what I got! Looky what I got!). See, this is part of the fun of having been a knitter for less than a year. There's so much I can still get excited about, because I still know so little about what's out there.

Besides. This haul is amazing. And I have to post this today, because by January I should be all blase and adult about this, right? And posting about real knitting again.

Two of the knitting books I've been longing for. If I didn't get them for Christmas, I was going to treat myself at the bookstore this week. I'm fascinated by shawls, albeit a little intimidated by the actual projects here. I'm drinking up the information about the knitting traditions, though. And Knitting for Peace! Got to find out if they're still adding to the Red Sweater Collection.

A Tilli Tomas knitting bag from my mother, in my favorite color combination. Okay, she had a little help from me on this one. But I didn't realize just how well thought out it was when I saw it online. That little gold silk bag holds a pair of folding scissors (included). And not only is it not overwhelmed with pockets (I never manage to use them anyway, and always forget what I've put where when I do), note the cool yarn storage.

That snap on the interior fastens a flap that hold balls of yarn in place. There are grommets to thread the ends through. Could this be the end to yarn that jumps out of the bag and rolls across the room and under the couch, bonding with the dust hippos and cat hair?

Extreme knitting needles from Cate.

In a size 15; the size I didn't have when I began my struggles with her Fleece Artist Poncho.

The best Christmas knitting stuff, however, not only wasn't my work, they aren't even my presents.

My amazing sister made these. Left to right, one for Marco, one for John and one for Clare.

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Bobbi said...

wow! you got some great stuff! Can't wait to see what you do with it!