Monday, December 11, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

I know it doesn't take much, but I'm so pleased. I finished another Red Scarf. This is the final version of the Variation on the Island Embrace, aka Red Scarf #3, that started with this. I decided 1) the colors hurt my eyes, 2) even knitting three rows before I switched colors was an annoying way to knit and 3) this yarn is way too thin to knit single and make any sort of progress.

I started paging through the Red Scarf Project scarves and found this scarf. Honestly. How obvious. If knitting the width makes you crazy, knit the length. Once I'd gotten over that hurdle, the rest of the solutions seemed obvious. Too thin? Double up. Too bright? Make the second strand a nice sober neutral. Not happy with the colors? Add some more and Ta-da!

The added advantage of knitting lengthwise? Fringe and no ends to weave in.

The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. The nice neutral is graphite, color #19. I stranded it with - in this order - claret (#24), ferrous red (#06) , which sure looks orange to me), sunflower (#30), sweet green (#14), and and teal (#20). Think rainbow. It's garter stitch all the way, switching colors every row. I used US #10 Addi turbos, but since we've established that I am that sad creature pitied by Elizabeth Zimmermann - the tight knitter - a normal knitter could probably go down a couple sizes.

Quantities - 2 of the grey, 1 of everything else with this much yarn left over.

The only thing is, it was supposed to be my reward knitting. Now it's finished and I'm still faced with these two. Red Scarf #2 and Branching Out. 11 inches and 10 repeats, respectively. Maybe I'll take turns.

Oh. My favorite part of Red Scarf #3? I cast on 214 stitches, since the scarves are going to be delivered on 2-14.

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Norma said...

Oh, Julianne, I LOVE it! I must admit, I am inordinately enamored of the lengthwise-knit scarves, and Silky Wool! A luxurious yarn choice, and just beautiful colors. Thank you.