Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet

I'm stalking recalcitrant scarves.

Okay. Sorry about that, but the boys have discovered Looney Toons, and an Elmer Fudd moment was inevitable. Especially since I'm trying to not draw the attention of said scarves. I don't want them to notice that the working-on-them-alternately method is working.

I knit on Branching Out until I think if I miss one more yarn over, or forget one more time about the pass slipped stitch over part of k2psso, or have to fight my way through one more k3tog that I will attempt to fly off my not entirely existent back porch. Then I switch to the eternal k, k, kb, p that is Red Scarf #2 and work on that until I feel my eyes getting heavy and my head descending to the tabletop.

I've only got 5 repeats left of Branching Out.

And a mere 4 1/2 inches left to do on the most boring piece of knitting ever devised.

I have further promised myself that I don't have to do anything to either of them until tomorrow. Right now, they are co-existing peacefully; sharing the same kitchen chair until I'm ready for them.

Speaking of peace (oh, come on, you knew this was coming). There is no noise in Mudville today. Apparently porch builders can work in sub-zero windchill, but not wet.

Three flights and three platforms. I'd rejoice in the quiet today, except I'm afraid it means they won't finish this week. My Christmas decorations are back here and to the right.

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