Tuesday, December 05, 2006

But What If I Really Needed It?

First sweaters are heady things. They lead you into all kinds of indiscretions. Last week, before I had even finished the moss stitch border on Clare's sweater, I started planning a second one. A cardigan this time, because that's the only kind of sweater my husband will wear. Before the knit-the-back-of-the-sweater-into-a-circle-disaster, I started considering sweaters for the boys. I need to knit an Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater (or two). It's a requirement for my Knitter's Progress. A pair of seamless sweaters from Chapter 4 in Knitting Without Tears, perhaps.

In that curious and convoluted way minds have, I started looking for yarn for these hypothetical sweaters. I found something for Marc's cardigan at WEBS. Cascade Dolce, a wool/alpaca/silk blend.

Have you ever noticed how yarn buying can get a little out of hand? While browsing yarn store websites I found myself thinking the Mitered Square Blanket really needed an infusion. Hence the Cascade 220 Heathers in 2434, Satinee (the blue) and 4480, Galaxy (the purplish/brownish/blackish - I'm not really sure what color it is.) That darn Yarn Country with their cool graphics.

You might not think it, but I don't take fixing mistakes well. (I'm not sure if that last comment demonstrates my genius for understatement or my firm grasp of the obvious.) After undoing and re-knitting the Perfect Sweater back, if it hadn't been for these deliveries, I probably would have abandoned the Perfect Sweater in all its not-quite-begun-ness. Which would have been a shame, because it is turning out to be fun. Only 20 rows in and I've already had a pattern change and am ready for my second set of decreases.

Of course, too much excitement can be dangerous. So just to make sure my head keeps level, I have the final incarnation of the Island Embrace Red Scarf. All that lovely garter stitch.

Perhaps I won't mention my conviction that the Mitered Square Blanket really needs 1 more color.

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