Sunday, February 01, 2009

It Couldn't Be

I can't believe it. It's not one of the 6 impossible things I ever expected to imagine before breakfast, or during or, as was the case, after. I have a Finished Object for you. Not just any Finished Object.

The long-running, never ending, Variation on the Splendid Sofa/Island Surprise Blanket. It's been featured off and on here since I don't know when. Wait. Yes I do.

It marks so many milestones.

First major project.

First eBay yarn buying.

First realization that 10 skeins of something isn't always as much as you think it is.

First (and only) time a Public Carrier lost one of my suitcases.

I know it's done because I ran out of yarn at the bind-off.


The yarn - Noro Iro in Something or Other, Manos del Uruguay Worsted in I Don't Remember (the turquoise) and No Idea (the blue). Knit according to Cat Bordhi's pattern that I found here (it's still free).

My word. I almost don't know what to do with myself. I guess it really has been as cold a winter as I think it is. Color me gobsmacked.

It couldn't be. I didn't think it would ever be. But it is.

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Diane H said...

How did I miss this? Beautiful!