Monday, February 09, 2009

It's a Swatch

The cast-on is too tight. Apparently I have a disconnect between the ability to cast on loosely and the amount of stretch I deem necessary for a sock cuff.

The ankle is too short.

The foot is too long, unless, of course, one is planning a gift for the Yeti's first-born.

And despite balancing finer yarn (the pattern calls for sport, not fingering, weight) and being the world's tightest knitter against the recommended needle size for the pattern and knitting for the longer sock, the sock is not baby-size.

I'd rather have a sleeve.


Diane H said...

Try the German long-tail cast-on. Fabulously elastic. This has me knitting top-down socks again.

What I appreciate about charity knitting is that size does not matter (the challenge would be to repeat the results on sock #2). There is SOMEONE whom it will fit. I do appreciate the cast-on problem though.

Anonymous said...

I second the comment on the long-tail cast-on. You might still have to think loose though, if you are that world's tightest knitter.

Socks taught me the value of reworking things, which has made me a better knitter.