Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Some things are indisputable. Death and taxes. Into each life some rain must fall. I don't much like green yarn. A single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. Easy isn't always the same as better. Yarn club shipments are a toss-up.

I suppose it was inevitable that my next Malabrigo Club project would be full of, well, green yarn.

This is Malabrigo worsted in lettuce. Lots of it because the project is a sweater. Sigh.

Now, much must be said in favor of a club that includes sweaters. As noted over the past few posts, I am deeply devoted to sweaters. Further, in these grey and gloomy hind-end of winter days, green is a good idea. I just can't get mind around a sweater in this green.

More indisputable facts. This is not a pale green. Not a wishy-washy, just kidding, apologetic, poor excuse for itself. This is bright. New leaf bright. Little kid bright. It doesn't quite fluoresce, but it wants to.

Truth be told, I've been hiding from the yarn for a few weeks now. Trying to come up with a project engaging enough to overcome the almost overwhelming need I feel every time I look at it to start screaming for a blindfold, or at least a darkened room.

It is perfect for Afghans for Afghans. In addition to (bleh) socks, a4A is asking for child-size blankets. After sweaters, blankets are my favorite thing to knit. Green is a favored color in Afghanistan.

Final indisputable fact: this I can knit.


Diane H said...

Great in green!

Cathy said...

Someone's gonna love it!

Cate said...

Oh man, I'm going to print out this picture so that when I have to describe my favorite color I can have an example. And in Malabrigo... holy moly, what ecstasy!