Friday, February 20, 2009

Reality Checking

First off. After some reflection, it occurs to me that there might be those who feel my reporting of sock-related data is less than even-handed, might even be called biased. That I might have been a bit disingenuous with the facts I chose to reveal.

Never let it be said that I report unfairly.

Should you happen to choose to do a pattern search for, say, "sweater," on Ravelry, you'll get 492 pages (9828 matches) for this supremely useful and delightful object. A similar search for "worsted" under "yarn" resulted in a mere 20 pages (544 matches). This seemed grossly under-reported, so I searched under "Yarns" again, this time selecting worsted from the "weight" filter, producing a more realistic report: 202 pages (4034 matches). Allow me to interpret these results for you. Clearly, those of us who knit sweaters with worsted wool feel, in our exuberance and generosity of spirit, a well-founded desire to share the wealth, spread the joy, welcome others into the happy place called Sweaterland. See? The difference between sock knitting and sweater knitting is self-evident. At least to sweater knitters.

Second. It's done. They're done.

Well, not done done. They still need to be blocked. But the tedium is all behind me now. Nothing but good times ahead.

Third. I don't know what the blue yarn is, but it's not Dale of Norway Baby Ull.

Oh no. Does this mean I have to knit another sock?


Diane H said...

I'm not sure A4A serves 3-legged children so I would urge another sock -

Jess said...


You've been sounding exactly like me when I knit my first sock.