Thursday, May 22, 2008

Aversion Therapy

Remember back when, when I said I had formed a not-resolution to get my burgeoning stash under control? Remember my dismay that the boxes I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics were a) too small and b) not enough even had they been twice as large? Have you noticed the thundering silence about that enterprise? It's astonishing what wrestling cables, graph paper and higher mathematics will drive you to. They drove me to the Container Store. I bought Serious Supplies. I donned my hazmat gear and waded in started this morning.

On the plus side, there has been a lot of ,"Ahah! I knew I had more of this." and, "Ooh! Pretty!" and "Dang, I forgot I had that."

On the negative side, I've started my second bag of failed experiments and "Dear God, what was I thinking?"

No, I am not going to entertain you to pictures of how things stand right now. It's appalling (My word, what a lovely collection of receipts and packing slips). I am stumbling about in the darkest hour before the dawn (Who knew I owned so many plastic bags?). At best I am only approaching the moment when chaos tips over and cascades into a new and higher level of order (I've been hoarding USPS Priority Mail boxes?).

I will, however, testify to the success of short term aversion therapy. Because I'm bailing. I'm going to go knit cables for awhile, perhaps for, oh I don't know, maybe months.

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cheesehead with stick said...

You should make it a habit to never ever ever touch a reciept or packing slip and make sure they go out with the evidence, er I mean packaging. That way you can convince yourself the yarn merely procreated and multiplied. Thus there is no guilt!