Friday, May 09, 2008

Wait. What?

Well, that was unexpected. I swear this swatch came out of its bath looking so nasty I was close to panic. No. Scratch that, I was panicking. I've never before had knitting actually look worse while it was blocking. This just looked like, well, kitchen string. That the cat hacked up. Like the twine you use to tie back turkey wings, or wrap around the "please bag and tie" paper recycling. In fact, dishcloth cotton may have looked better.

Which is why I started making serious plans to convert Himself to the Pinwheel Blanket. I was going to make eloquent arguments in favor of washable wool. Economic arguments pointing out how much less 700 yards of yarn were compared to 1200. Practical arguments regarding the speed with which one can knit a blanket using a significantly smaller quantity of yarn.

Then I looked at the swatch after it dried. I measured, intending to add the "look how much it shrinks, honey" argument to my arsenal. I now get 15 3/4 stitches per inch.

I think I'll block it again.

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