Thursday, May 01, 2008

One More for Clare

I'm in a race today to accomplish all the things I thought I would have done while the boys were home sick. It has to be today, because tomorrow is already filled. All I'm doing today is fulfilling promises. Now I can cross this one off.

The shaft is approximately 11.5 inches/29.6 cm. The whorl is approximately 3.5 inches/8 cm. The fleece roving is combed and carded. The company is Historical Folk Toys, Nashville, Indiana, 47448. Purchased at Greenhow Store, Williamsburg, Virginia.

For those who are curious, "the title/question/enormous topic [she's] writing to is: What were Norwich textiles, and how and why did they change over time."

When am I going to do something with this? No idea.

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