Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Opposite Land

First, an update: I'm half way there on the green panel. I'm contemplating the wisdom (or idiocy) of mirror imaging my way up the rest of the piece. Since this will, in all likelihood, involve more graph paper, I'm contemplating hard.

I am somewhat surprised to discover that cabling is fun. The problem with fun, though, is that if you do it all the time, you get funned-out. When my seed stitch border has deteriorated into a K1P1 rib, I figure the fun is over, or at least, suspended. Opposite Land is where I go these days for relief from all this fun.

Finding all that time wallowing in pastels has you wondering if the rods in your retinas have staged a revolution and usurped the cones? There's a cure.

Size 9 needles starting to weigh you down? Making you slog as though walking through mire in clown shoes? Size 2 wooden dpn's lighten things up considerably.

Charted to death? Barn Raising Quilt squares offer a two line repeat; one increase row, one work even row.

Much cabling making thee mad? Ah, the glorious simplicity of stockinette titch in the round.

I don't even need to switch knitting books.

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