Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What Really Happened

Apparently I'm losing it. Yesterday's post chronicled Monday and Wednesday, but, according to Clare, not Tuesday. She claims Marco staged his coup on Wednesday. Tuesday is the day the Family rewarded my bad behavior. Tuesday is when Marc took the Younger Generation to Water Country USA and gave me a morning of peace. Tuesday afternoon he took the boys grocery shopping and Clare and I had a field trip all our own. Tuesday is when the Good Stuff happened.

Knitting Sisters had Mountain Colors and Claudia's Handpainted and Colinette and Manos. They had gimcracks and thingies and gewgaws. They had a sense of humor.

All things considered, I think I demonstrated admirable restraint (the Lorna's Laces was 40% off). Is anyone but me awake to the irony that I came to Williamsburg, Virginia and bought Chicago-made yarn?

Clare is right. I had blurred the boundaries between days and transposed them. I have to admit she has irrefutable proof (besides the dates on the photographs). She carried her Knitting Sisters tote during our Leisurely Williamsburg Tour. And she wouldn't have been able to do that if we hadn't been there yet.

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Bobbi said...

I still think it looks like a fun trip