Friday, August 17, 2007

Breathe in, Breathe Out

As you may have gathered from yesterday's post, I finally got a good start on Clare's "Sweet Indulgence" robe from Amy Singer's No Sheep for You. Just to get us all back on the knitting track here (God help me, I'm going to be haunted by train metaphors for the rest of my life, aren't I?), I'm using Cascade Pima Tencel in 7478, double stranded on US 10.5 Addi circular needles ( I got gauge).

First off, let me observe that stockinette is not a good choice when you're sleep deprived during/after 18 hour train rides. It is excellent, however, while watching Jane Eyre or any other absorbing DVD, especially with the intended recipient. In fact, much sooner than I expected, I found myself at the point where the pattern says to start the waist shaping. Except, looking at the picture in the book and then holding up the knitted fabric against Clare. Well. All I can say is that must be the shortest-legged buttless model in the civilized world.

Note that they don't show her feet. 11 inches of knitting meant the decreases landed right where most of us increase.

I won't say I panicked. But I did fire an email off to Deb as soon as we got home. Deb is the talented woman who did the actual designing and knitting of Sweet Indulgence. If anyone would be able to keep my feet on the right knitterly path, it would be Deb.

Deb's confidence in me was touching. She replied,

"I say make the decreases where they fit! So do the measuring, and then knit them into the right places-



Touching that, but, I fear, woefully misplaced. Still, one doesn't like to disappoint. I have displaced the waist shaping. It now starts where Clare starts curving in.

This is a compromise. The waist shaping is still below her waist, just not 10 inches or so below it. I'm not nervous about this.


Way to stuff that ballot box people. How badly do you want me to buy you a skein of Sea Silk in the color of your choice? I can't hear you!

Keep in mind, to find out if you won, you have check back on Thursday.


Cheesehead With Sticks said...

Wow, that is a really nice coat. Good luck and keep us posted!

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

Oh ya, I 'forgot' - no dishrag tag box yet, which means I will have to go to the post office to pick it up. So it won't be coming your way until atleast Wednesday. (unless the mail lady is 4 hours early tomorrow and can successfully deliver before we leave for the day. I tried managing to stay home until the mail comes, but no go. Today would have been perfect to have it come, I could have gotten it in the AM and sent it out by the afternoon.

Bobbi said...

I'm definitely one for tweeking patterns so that shaping begins where it needs to on you, not where the pattern says. It will look great!

Jess said...

Have confidence in yourself! In a lot of the things I've seen with waist shaping, they have you end the waist shaping an inch or so below the actual waistline, then knit even for a couple inches, then start increasing again. If you've measured Clare properly and you have a good idea of your row gauge, you'll be okay.

I know she's going to love this!

Megs said...

I love watching what others are making for No Sheep For You! And I've never knit with Sea Silk before but I've always wanted to try it!

Megs said...

Can I stuff the ballot box a little more?

diane h said...

I really want to comment because the word verification is a very interesting combination of z and j today! Be brave, it's just yarn. Ha! as I sweep around the 3 bags of languishing sweaters at the point where serious knitting must occur.

I will be in a tent on Wed out of all electronic range. I'm just in this for the comments -

Cheesehead With Sticks said...


So, what color you want your dishrag to be?

This one?

Or this One? :)

Julie McC. said...

You got the box!?! Yes!

Well, I guess I would go with - This One. ;->