Thursday, August 09, 2007

We Interrupt This Travelogue

Huh. It seems the 200th post has come and gone and I didn't even realize it. So there's that, and the coming of Stitches Midwest means that the one year anniversary of this blog is coming up. Had I been clever and foresight-ly, the two would have coincided. Still, seems we should do something, doesn't it?

A contest? A token for everyone who leaves a comment between now and the Big Day? Guess which post was the 200th? A slinking off into the night, never to darken the doors of Blogland again? Maybe I'll make you tell a story - what was your favorite post and why? Depends on how sadistic I'm feeling come the 15th of August.

I have managed to pick up some cool things over the past year. I might even have enough to go around. At least for now, while we're still such a select group.

Or you could give me an excuse to prowl the Market at Stitches on Saturday.

Any thoughts, ideas, inspirations? Any rags, any bones, any bottles today? Well. We've got a few days. How about leaving word in the comments? After all,

And I know you wouldn't want that.


diane h said...

I think my favorite post has to be the one about the mitre square afghan. Ha ha ha ha

Bobbi said...

I'm totally jealous that you get to go to Stitches! Take lots of pics!