Wednesday, August 22, 2007

False Starts

I'm wallowing in them lately.

I want something to fill the empty knitting space left by the completed mitered squares. No, I haven't settled on an assembly method yet (in case you were wondering). I need something easy to remember. Something portable. I thought I heard the siren call of Red Scarves.

I've learned a number of different cast-ons over this past year. Long-tail, knitted, purled, cable, Italian tubular. None of these match the muscle memory I have from those days in my Grandmother's kitchen, when I learned to purl when I should have been knitting. Cast-ons are much on my mind as I read over patterns.

I've been chasing bookcases. This has led me, over the past week or so, on fruitless excursions. I have been in Home Depots, Targets, and outlet furniture stores. I have been north through Chicago Air and Water Show set-up traffic, west to Oak Brook (this as a bribe to feed the younger generation on chicken strips and Frango Mint ice cream pie) then southwest into Bolingbrook to the new(er) Ikea.

Just one exercise in frustration after another. I come close, but like will o' the wisps, my goals escape me.

The bookcases are either out of stock, or won't fit in my trunk.

The cast on my grandmother taught me eludes me.

The red scarf. Well. . . I remembered a pattern in Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch. Since I'm working on the Einstein Not So Warm Sweater, it was easy to find. Besides, I've meant to make it since I bought the book. The pattern is terribly clever. It starts out as a triangle and ends up with long rectangular ends. so the triangle can tuck down your coat collar and the long ends wrap around your neck. So far, my stash and I cannot agree. These are the starts that have (so far) escaped frogging.

The yarns?
Top: Blue Sky Alpaca Melange, double stranded.
Middle: Cascade Fiamma in 22047.
Bottom: Lana Grossa Rainbow in color
705. (Why can I not photograph reds?)

The problem(s)?
Top: Current favorite, but not quite what I want.
Middle: Too girly.
Bottom: Hideous to knit with

I'm not giving up on the pattern though. For one thing, there are more reds in my stash. Like the Fonty Soft Tweed I found at The Fold (left) and the Malabrigo Bulky from Knitche (right).

For another, while Sally Melville recommends the backward loop cast-on, that's not one of the cast-ons I'd learned. I'd been using the knitted cast on to get the end of row increases and by the time I reached the Blue Sky Alpaca scarf, I was pretty sick of them. I decided to suck it up and learn the designer's choice.

It's the one my grandmother taught me.

People. Megs and Brandy have done some serious ballot box stuffing. You've got until 9 AM tomorrow to outwit them.

Edited to add: Oops. You have until 9 AM Friday. I meant the contest to end Thursday, but the 24th is Friday.


Kathleen said...

Ah, the joys (NOT!) of photographing red. I think we all have trouble. Glad you found your grandmother's cast on!

I'm liking the "Cable Cast-on" - which, IMO, is oddly named because it really isn't like any cable I have seen!

Bobbi said...

LOL. Sorry I have to laugh at it being your grandmas after you put it off so long.

Bobbi said...

i want to stuff I do, but I feel guilt, even when I know others have. i think I have issues. :)

Megs said...

Stuffin' away again in knittersville!

Megs said...

By the way, I must admit, that at first it seemed a little strange to be so blanant in my attempt to stuff the ballot and sway the election my way, but it's YARN... dangle it in front of me and I'll roll over, play fetch and balance a biscuit on my nose!

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

to continue on Megs song - lookin for my lost marker of yarn...

(Yarn! yarn!)

okay - so ya really gotta be a parotthead to get that one!

stuff stuff stuff
I would only feel guilty if stuffing the box wasn't mentioned :)

oh, you were saying something... I for one only know a couple cast ons. Long tail, figure 8, and the magic cast on. I should learn more probably.

Bobbi said...

yeah I'm not really sure about my issues. I know it's ok, but I feel bad. but I do love that yarn is sooooo pretty.

Bobbi said...

stuff. stuff.

Bobbi said...

there I did it! :0

Megs said...

Stuff! Stuff! As fast as you can! You can't catch me I'm the stuff queen!

Megs said...

Okay, I know...but what would ryhmn?

Megs said...

I think I'm at 15 now, I might as well make it an even number.