Thursday, August 23, 2007

Staging a Comeback

How nice. Something is back on track. Having derailed on Sweet Indulgence repeatedly (I have warned you about train metaphors), and with Clare's departure day now only weeks instead of months away, I admit to a twinge of concern, a suspicion that I might be behaving in a superstitiously self-sabotaging manner. As if she couldn't go to East Anglia if I didn't finish the robe.

Having misplaced stitches and stitch markers, frogged too far and not far enough, fussed and dithered and avoided, today I got back lost ground. All the decreases for the waist have been completed.

I'm half an inch over where I should be, but I'll blame it on sloppy measuring. Besides, 1/2 inch longer is not going to make or break the line of the robe. I'm even pretty sure I got the decreases in the right spot, above the outward curve of her hips and backside, but still below her natural waist to keep what looks like a bit of drape at the waist itself.

Whew. I'm off to happy dance and then relax over a cup of good coffee.

The clock is ticking, folks. Any more habitual non-commenters who would really like to break the ice, especially since it means I'll buy them some Sea Silk and a nice knitting book? You have until 9 AM CST tomorrow.


Megs said...

Well, Congratulations! I must say, I do love that red!

Jess said...

Looking good!

Jess said...

And I would be freaking out if my daughter were about to head overseas. I'm sure you are too, but you're doing a good job of hiding it from your blog readers.

diane h said...

I'm back! Nice regrouping on the robe - I don't think you are in denial because there are some serious ways of making that robe about Clare not going to the UK (which I can tell you after her plane takes off).