Monday, August 06, 2007

There and Back Again, Part 1

I think I'm well suited to blogging. This past week is largely a blur and a blank in my mind. Figuring out how to tell the stories is bringing it all into focus. This first post might be appallingly incoherent a little disjointed.

For the record, round-trip on the Capitol Limited from Chicago to Washington D.C. equalled 36+ hours on trains. I think it's flabbergasting that I'm still sane. Greater love has no other wife or mother.

It may be wise to enter a disclaimer here: I do not travel well. An 18 hour train ride meant an embarrassing number of hours before I had recovered anything remotely resembling my charming, cheerful self. For those hours I was a de facto whiny 13 year old. "We're walking to the White House?" "How far is it to the Washington Monument?" "What do you mean the Lincoln Memorial is away from the hotel?" "There are mosquitoes here [at the Reflecting Pool]!" We'll blame it on sleeping in public. That, and the fact that we did this all between 5 and 10 PM on the day we arrived in D.C. with only the briefest of naps and on no lunch or dinner. Travelling with Marc is much like travelling with a force of nature. One simply does not oppose it.

I know what I'm going to insist on if we ever do this again.

At the end of the day it was, of course, worth it.

This is, after all, Washington D.C.


Bobbi said...

hmmm, do you think the train is better than a car? You'll have to remember to pack snacks!

Jess said...

If I ever travel on the train again, it will not be while I have a child in diapers. Dealing with diapers on the train was a nightmare (WTF was I thinking hauling my cloth diapers on that trip?). I will also get a sleeper car, even if we're just going from here to Milwaukee or Chicago.

That said, I hope you had fun in D.C. I am looking forward to traveling there someday.

Oh, and the Segway tours - they have them here too. I saw a group exploring along the Mississippi near the mill ruins and almost peed my pants laughing. Very funny-looking. Fun though!