Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moving On

You may not think it to look at it, but this represents progress.

It is the knitting equivalent of performing without a safety net. Of "live" TV. Of inviting your in-laws over for dinner and introducing a new recipe. I have ripped out the original Bubbly Curtain. Not only ripped it out, I have re-wound the yarn.

You have no idea what a milestone this is. My desire for a Bubbly Curtain is so great that I have overcome the dislike of lace knitting engendered by "Branching Out" to re-enter the world of "yo, k2tog." Lace means a stitch marker for every pattern repeat. Lace means lifelines. Lace means a lot of tinking. Lace means I start wondering what possessed me to think I wanted to knit. Anything. Ever.

In fairness, the Bubbly Curtain has not aroused this highly allergic reaction. It has, to be perfectly truthful, been a lot of fun to knit, at least so far. While the breaks from miters have been few and far between, when they happen, I pick up the Bubbly Curtain.

A brief pause for station identification here. This is weird yarn.

It's Maggi's Linen by Maggi Knits. It's not cheap ($5 to $7.50/skein), until you compare it with Euroflax Original ($18.00.skein). Then it's practically bargain basement. What's odd, is that it's stranded, not plied (?). The 3 strands don't wind around and about each other. They lie parallel. One of the strands (the cotton?) has these fuzzy, lumpy bits. As a result, my Bubbly Curtain won't, probably, have the crispness of the original. It will, however, be big. And $200.00 worth of linen for my back bathroom was more than I was willing to spend.

So, I am now flying solo. This, the second curtain, is now the only Bubbly Curtain. Proof of my faith in the pattern and my knitting ability.

Well that, and that I held it up to the window and confirmed it will stretch, I mean, block, to fit.

Blocked - 30
Completed - 42
On the needles - 43, 44 and 45

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diane h said...

What? You knit a Bubbly Curtain with multiple repeats and ripped out the multiple repeats, resulting in the two balls of yarn and a curtain with one full round of the pattern? What window will this one go on?